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Masumi Izumi

Masumi Izumi is a Professor of North American Studies in the Faculty of Global and Regional Studies at Doshisha University in Kyoto, Japan. She received her B.A. in Anglo-American Studies from Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, M.A. in Political Studies from Queen's University at Kingston in Canada, and Ph.D. in American Studies from Doshisha University. Her book, The Rise and Fall of America’s Concentration Camp Law: Civil Liberties Debates from the Internment to McCarthyism and the Radical 1960s (Temple UP, 2019) was named in the CHOICE Outstanding Academic Titles 2020. She also published Nikkei Kanada-jin no Idou to Undou: Shirarezaru Nihon-jin no Ekkyou Seikatsu Shi [The Japanese Canadian Movement: The Little-Known Trans-Pacific History of Japanese Migration and Activism] (Takanashi Shobo, 2020, in Japanese), which is a comprehensive history of Japanese Canadians. She has published numerous articles on the postwar revival of Japanese North American culture, including "Reconsidering Ethnic Culture and Community: A Case Study on Japanese Canadian Taiko Drumming," Journal of Asian American Studies 4.1 (2001): 35-56; "The Japanese Canadian Movement: Migration and Activism before and after World War II," Amerasia Journal 33.2 (2007): 49-66; and "Seeking the Truth, Spiritual and Political: Japanese American Community Building through Engaged Ethnic Buddhism," Peace and Change 35.1 (2010): 39-67.