Trek (newspaper)

Trek was a literary and arts magazine published by inmates at the Topaz, Utah concentration camp between December 1942 and June 1943. Three quarterly of Trek were published. In the spring of 1944, a similar publication titled All Aboard appeared at Topaz. Trek/All Aboard featured literary work by a wide range of Nisei writers including Toyo Suyemoto, Toshio Mori, Jim Yamada, and Larry Tajiri. Mine Okubo served as the art editor of Trek, providing many of the illustrations and the covers. For an analysis of Trek/All Aboard in the context of other literature produced in the camps see Literature in camp.

Trek Vol. 1, No. 1
December 1942
Editor: Jim Yamada
Associate Editors: Taro Katayama, Marii Kyogoku, Bob Tsuda
Art Edtior: Mine Okubo
Contributing Artist: Tom Yamamoto
Chief Technician: Toku Okubo
30 pages.

Trek Vol 1, No. 2
February 1943
Editors: Jim Yamada, Taro Katayama, Marii Kyogoku
Art Edtior: Mine Okubo
Contributing Artist: Tom Yamamoto
Chief Technician: Toku Okubo
Assistants: Mehiko Katsu, Nobuo Kitagaki, Warren Watanabe
42 pages, plus a 4 page Japanese supplement

Trek Vol. 1, No. 3
June 1943
Editors: Toku Okubo and Nobuo Kitagaki
Art Edtior: Mine Okubo
Contributing Artist: Alfred Sawahata
Chief Technician: Toku Okubo
42 pages

All Aboard
Spring 1944
Editors: Toshio Mori, Evelyn Kirimura, George Sugihara, Kimi Shimamura
Art Editor: Masao Yabuki
Associate Art Editor: Alfred Sawahata
54 pages

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Complete issues of Trek and All Aboard are available at the Topaz Japanese-American Relocation Center Digital Collection,

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