Parker Dam (detention facility)

US Gov Name Parker Dam Reception Center
Facility Type Temporary Assembly Center
Administrative Agency Wartime Civil Control Administration
Location Parker, Arizona (34.1500 lat, -114.2833 lng)
Date Opened May 8, 1942
Date Closed May 31, 1942
Population Description Held people from Arizona, California, Oregon, and Washington.
General Description Located on the site that later became the WRA-run concentration camp Poston.
Peak Population
Exit Destination Poston
National Park Service Info

The Parker Dam camp was one of two "reception centers" that augmented the fifteen " assembly centers " operated by the Wartime Civil Control Administration . In operation from May 8, 1942, Parker Dam was taken over by the War Relocation Authority on June 1, 1942 and became the so called "Colorado River Relocation Center," more commonly known as Poston . Unlike inmates taken to one of the assembly centers, inmates initially sent to Parker Dam did not have to move again to a more permanent War Relocation Authority camp.

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