Trek (newspaper)

Trek was a literary and arts magazine published by inmates at the Topaz , Utah concentration camp between December 1942 and June 1943. Three quarterly of Trek were published. In the spring of 1944, a similar publication titled All Aboard appeared at Topaz. Trek / All Aboard featured literary work by a wide range of Nisei writers including Toyo Suyemoto , Toshio Mori , Jim Yamada, and Larry Tajiri . Mine Okubo served as the art editor of Trek , providing many of the illustrations and the covers. For an analysis of Trek / All Aboard in the context of other literature produced in the camps see Literature in camp .

Trek Vol. 1, No. 1
December 1942
Editor: Jim Yamada
Associate Editors: Taro Katayama, Marii Kyogoku, Bob Tsuda
Art Edtior: Mine Okubo
Contributing Artist: Tom Yamamoto
Chief Technician: Toku Okubo
30 pages.

Trek Vol 1, No. 2
February 1943
Editors: Jim Yamada, Taro Katayama, Marii Kyogoku
Art Edtior: Mine Okubo
Contributing Artist: Tom Yamamoto
Chief Technician: Toku Okubo
Assistants: Mehiko Katsu, Nobuo Kitagaki, Warren Watanabe
42 pages, plus a 4 page Japanese supplement

Trek Vol. 1, No. 3
June 1943
Editors: Toku Okubo and Nobuo Kitagaki
Art Edtior: Mine Okubo
Contributing Artist: Alfred Sawahata
Chief Technician: Toku Okubo
42 pages

All Aboard
Spring 1944
Editors: Toshio Mori, Evelyn Kirimura, George Sugihara, Kimi Shimamura
Art Editor: Masao Yabuki
Associate Art Editor: Alfred Sawahata
54 pages

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Complete issues of Trek and All Aboard are available at the Topaz Japanese-American Relocation Center Digital Collection, .

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